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Sports Unlimited - Authorised dealer of Kanon Ball Machines for Asia & Middle East. Manufactured by Howard Manufacturing Asia. Sports Unlimited - Pioneers in Introducing Cricket as Entertainment in India at Malls, Amusement Parks etc with Kanon Ball Machines. Machine features- can use Soft Balls, Tennis Balls and Dimple Balls. Very effectively used for all cricket drills with speed upto 130 Kmph. Oscillation feature is used to practice tennis drills very effectively. The same Machine is used for baseball practise also. Kanon is the only multipurpose Machine and very user friendly. No feeder required and one can load 100 balls at a time and choose ball delivery intervals from 2.5 seconds to 15 seconds. Sports Unlimited introduced the concept of cricket zone and it was a phenomenal success wherever it was introduced.


Cricket zone's objective is to provide its customers with a good time by enjoying the thrill/pleasure of facing the cricket ball (Tennis Balls) at its full speed/spin in a terrific atmosphere for all cricket lovers.


Cricket zone will be a unique amusement centre and first of its kind in India. Where people can come in and enjoy the thrill and pleasure of facing the cricket ball at their desired speed or spin. One can get the full cricketing experience on artificial turf's which duplicates pitch performance with the help of cricket bowling machine.

CNBC TV 18 Has already appreciated our CONCEPT and Broadcasted a Brief Presentation about us. Now you can View the same online if you have missed it.


Cricket zone could be set up in space of about 600sft. (In dimensions of 60feet x 10feet) for a single lane, and as per our requirement. The entire area will be covered by nets i.e. all four sides and the top area so that the ball remains in the net area at all times.


Cricket zone will offer its customers a good time by playing/practising cricket with the help of bowling machines. They will able to choose the speed of the delivery which they wish to play (Speeds ranging from 6-120 kph with out swing, in-swing, fast rising deliveries and slow spin etc, Which makes cricket practise more specific and interesting. One will also be able to choose the frequency of the ball delivery i.e. at intervals of 2.5, 7.5 or 15 seconds.

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Sports Unlimited was awarded runners up for the presentation of the Concept at the Indian Association of Amusements and Parks Trade Show ( IAAPI ) 2008, at Mumbai, India
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This is to inform all concerned that Mr. mathews thazath Prasad (Ron Mathews) is no longer a partner of Sports Unlimited formerly Cricket Unlimited since april 08. Dealing with him will be at your own risk. He has nothing to do with Criket unlimited, Sports Unlimited nor kanon ball Machines Dealership or manufacturing.

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